Monday, June 13, 2011

Dresses and My Belly

Old Navy was having a sale and since summer here will, in fact, kill me, I decided to buy a few cotton dresses. Since I don't own shorts and the dresses I already have are polyester, I figured a couple of light summery dresses would be a good investment. Even though they're goddamn sleeveless which makes them triply terrifying/challenging for me.

Me: makes me kinda eeep because my belly is all LOOK AT ME AND MY LUMPINESS in both but fuck it...wearing polyester/spandex in the summer will literally kill me
Amanda: ohhh noooes you have a belly! how dreadful!
Amanda: you are the ONLY ONE EVER
Amanda: we'll put you in the circus."this way for THE GIRL WITH A BELLY!"
Amanda: right next to the dude who eats fire
Amanda: and then you two can start a whirlwind romance
Amanda: and you can have the contortionist chick on the side
Me: you have the BEST ideas


  1. Threesome with the contortionist chick?

  2. Can we assume that purple is one of your favorite colors? Love the dresses...they look cool and so do you!

  3. that 2nd dress is awesome, great find! and high 5 for fat arms and a belly, my suspicion is that nobody will fall over in shock at seeing them (at least, i've never had anybody keel over at my feet, so there's that).

  4. So flattering. I really enjoy seeing you put yourself out there. I can tell it takes much courage and you are working it. Go hot mama!

  5. those are super cute dresses! yay for cuteness and comfort!

  6. Thanks for the tip about the sale!

  7. Whenever you feel weird about being in a sleeveless dress or whatever in public, or if anyone is giving you shit about it, please try to remember that people like me love to see fat women dressed like this, holding their head up high.

    I love having people show me that it is possible to be fat, jiggly and bumpy and still feel like you deserve to be seen. It truly, really soothes my own body issues and ED-remnants, and every time I see a fat woman holding her head high in public, I silently thank her and feel like hugging her.

    I never do, because that would be creepy.

  8. I LOVE what "S" wrote. And also, I see plenty of thin women and average-sized women walking around in really unflattering clothing that makes them look many times more eeshy than you look in that dress. I'd much rather see a few shadowy outlines of lumps under some very pretty purple fabric than 90% of a teenage girl's ASS hanging OUT of shorts that are so microscopic they couldn't support a pantiliner. Plus, it's fucking summer. You get to wear whatever the HELL you want to keep cool in summer -- that's the rule, dammit.