Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dildos and Gardening

You all are so sweet! I guess I'lll be doing more videos in the future. Assuming I can find questions to answer, of course.

I've been approved to do sex toy reviews for Good Vibrations! (Affiliate link to your right.) I have the first two toys heading my way so you have that to look forward to! I'll give you warnings on entries that involve those. I'll also be able to do sex toy giveaways! Which means free (still packaged, I should specify) vibrators, dildos, and more for you! Exciting! Aw, look at me sounding like an ad already. I promise my reviews won't be this irritating. They'll be chock full of information and horrifying admissions about my sex life...just like you've come to expect from me!

I talked to my therapist about the fact that my new mood stabilizers give me muscle spasms and pain. Just like my old mood stabilizers did...for nearly two years. She asked why I never told my previous doctor. I said, “I...I don't know. I was afraid, I guess? That I'd be switched to something else that wouldn't work. I figured I could just put up with it if it meant I wouldn't want to die...” But oh my god it hurts. That and feeling like my skin is crawling happens every single night after I take them. She says it's not uncommon and there's (yet another) medication that might counteract it. I see the psychiatrist in August so I'll tell him about it then. Because, honestly, the discomfort is so strong that it really does make me frequently consider not taking the medication because I don't want to deal with that miserable side effect.

My finances are pretty fucked for July but I should be able to get by. I won't be doing or buying anything extra for awhile. Though I am going to look for cheap pots and soil so I can repot my succulents. I'd just wait until I could afford it but they're starting to die because the tiny pots they came in are getting to be too small for their roots. I might just buy a couple of huge $1 plastic mixing bowls, nail some holes in the bottom, and temporarily move them to those until I can find awesome planters I want permanently. Hopefully they can hang on for another week. Be strong, little succulents, Mama loves you!


  1. The title of this post is going to result in some pretty hilarious Google stats, I think. :)

  2. do want sex toys.

    i am a pretty religious reader (even from lj -- aww) and i always go to comment and it's all "make an account!" and i get frustrated and leave but this is reason enough to make an account.

  3. Congratulations on the sex toy reviews gig. Sounds dreamy! Can't wait for the giveaways, with how many I've bought lately only to be disappointed. Bah!
    You may wanna check craigslist or a similar entity as I always see people trying to get rid of their pots and planters on there for free.Just did a big re-potting of all of our succulent babies and they are getting so big! Hope yours get there, too! <3

  4. I think moving the plants to larger but cheaper containers is worth it. they might really grow quickly with new space to fill. Good luck with the rest of the stuff.

  5. is there an Ikea by you? My friends use the cheap plastic trash bins as pots, just drill some holes in the bottom and voila!

  6. do you ever use freecycle? i checked and there's an Auburn group.
    basically, you can get rid of your unwanted stuff that way and also ask for things that people aren't using. i bet if you posted asking for pots and soil people would be all, "here, take them."