Monday, June 20, 2011

Deep Fried Night

Carter, being horrified at my lack of experience with food, proclaimed it southern foods night!

First up: fried green tomatoes!

They were so delicious. Firm and tart. I'm absolutely a fan.

The it was time to fry up the pork chops.

I was doing the frying until I flipped a little too aggressively and Crisco splatter burned my fingers so I tapped out. I totally learned how to fry foods!!

Closed eyes but adorable nonetheless.

Dinner time!!

Fried pork chops with mashed potatoes and milk gravy.

It was amazing.

It was discovered that I'd never shotgunned a beer. Time to rectify that!

Unflattering profile picture ahoy!

Surprising to no one who knows me, I won.

Both times. I may be trashy as fuck but, damn, I'm good at it!

Time for dessert!

Lemon meringue pie and berries with frosted angel food cake.

It was such a wonderful night – new friends and amazing food...who could ask for more?


  1. glad you had a great night! it looks fun. :) do those sally nail things work well? did they fit your nails? i've been checking some for awhile but haven't gotten any yet.

  2. The food looked absolutely awesome....I hope it tasted even better than it looked in the photos.

  3. This may be an odd question, but how did you make so many good friends so fast in such a small town? Did you know them before moving there or...?

  4. That looks awesome! Lots of cute ladies there too! Maybe its time to move from Ohio!

  5. You should make a list of southern foods to try. Have you had boiled peanuts yet?

  6. Holy crap, that last photo in particular looks divine. Am hungry now.

  7. yum!!! Now that you've shotgunned a beer, I guess kegstands and shotskis are next on your list, right? ;)

  8. God, Heidi, you look SO radiant and happy in all these photos...I'm so happy for you that you decided to move to Auburn, and that your life is filled with so many friends. I wish I could figure out how the f*ck to make something like that happen for me. I haven't had that core of radiance and joy in so long now, I'm honestly afraid it will never, ever come back again. I don't even feel like ME anymore. The fact that you're having such an awesome life gives me hope, though...hope and inspiration. xoxo

  9. Is it easy for you to eat fried or sweet foods and drink alcohol after your gastric bypass surgery? I'm not trying to be mean...just truly curious. :)

  10. yum! i've never actually fried green tomatoes... and come to think of it, i dont know if i've actually even tried them! but they look delicious!