Thursday, May 5, 2011


Physical therapy is going really well. He kicks my ass. I leave sweating and aching. When he asks if it's too much I say, “No, I need this.” The pain that radiates down my legs has lessened a lot since we started stretching. And my back is hurting a bit less now that we're working on increasing my core strength and opening up my hips. I feel really positive about the whole experience. I just have to overlook the Christian music playing and the psalms on the wall. Only awkward point thus far? Having to talk to him about impact on my nerve-damaged area and needing to explain what s/m is because he didn't know. Oy. All in all, though, it's going great and I'm really happy I have a pain management doctor who prescribed it instead of just shoving more pills down my throat and fixing nothing.

My new food obsession is collard greens. Mmmm. See, I was bemoaning the fact that the food here is fairly mediocre. When I eat out, I prefer sushi, Thai, etc. But I realized, I need to focus on what the South does well! So I'm going to try to explore more Southern and Cajun foods and BBQ.

I donated platelets today. The hospitals in Tuscaloosa are in desperate need of them and blood. I was pessimistic because I'd tried to do it years ago and my weak, scrawny little veins kept closing up on them. But I guzzled a ton of water over the last few days and headed in, hoping for the best. It actually worked! She said that, because of where my good vein is, it's probably going to be a 50/50 shot every time I try. But, hey, I'll take those odds. So I'm going back in two weeks to try again.

The procedure itself felt odd. The machine takes the blood from you, removes plasma and platelets, and then returns your blood back to you. The odd part of that is when it comes back; it feels cold and, just, weird. But not painful or anything like that. Apparently, some people feel tingling around their mouths or taste plastic when the blood re-enters! Oh, science.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!! The most wonderful thing happened!! As of the 1st, I'm on a Medicare prescription program. I assumed it wouldn't cover much. Turns out? It fucking covers my mood stabilizer – the drug I've been off of because I can't afford it. $400 a month. After insurance? $6. I almost started crying. I kept saying, “Oh my god are you sure oh my god oh my god are you sure really oh my god!” And I started shaking.

Everything's coming up Milhouse!


  1. High five, girl! The South seems like a really healing place for you. Glad to hear that things are improving!

  2. I typed out the longest comment, and the stupid internet ate it. Summary:

    There is amazing southern food, and lots of it.

  3. I'm glad that things are going well for you!

  4. Do you get paid for donating the platelets? I remember doners used to get some money. Whatever the case, playing it forward is a great thing. Glad you are getting involved.

  5. Make sure you drink the pot-likker from the collards. It tastes good, and that's also where all the vitamins are.