Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Pain Specialist

I finally got in to the see the Pain Specialist. It's like a goddamn miracle! He was absolutely horrified that my previous pain doctors didn't try to fix my problems and just kept throwing pills at me, even when they didn't work. I know, dude, me too. “Have you been prescribed physical therapy?” “Um, no.” “Nerve blockers?” “Nope.” “Epidural shots?” “That's another no!”

He wants to start with aquatic or stationary physical therapy, a nerve blocker, and pain killers. Unfortunately, down here? DEA is allllllllll over doctors who prescribe opiates so I have to be urine tested before he can write me one. And I was like, “Um, I smoked weed last night so...” No judgment. He just said to stop, come back in six weeks, test clean, and he'll get me on the meds. “Honestly, you're going to have to get really, really, really high for it to help you at your pain levels. It'd make more sense to just quit, since you do it so rarely anyway, and let me help you this way.” Works for me.

It was also pretty nice that he didn't get on me about my weight. He actually said that there are numerous studies showing that people who drastically lose large amounts of weight – as through surgery – often end up with intense muscle pain.

I got my nerve blocker filled and have to take them three times a day. Biggest side-effect is sleepiness. Which will be awesome at night when I'm struggling to sleep but the rest of the time? Well, hopefully my body will adjust to it. The pharmacist warned me that people often feel a bit off when they first start taking it. So I'll just hang in and, hopefully, see some improvement down the line.

I have my first appointment with the physical therapist next week. Eep! I'm really nervous. About it hurting, about it not working, about crying in front of him, about feeling embarrassed by how weak and limited I am... Not helping? He's young and hot. Blast!

I ate Southern food for the first time! Fried okra, collard greens, bbq pork... The okra didn't do much for me. But the rest?! A+!

During my move I somehow lost my awesome, huge, rainbow, pill organizer. I bought a new one but it's half the size. Which has made me realize, goddamn, I take a lot of pills! I'm now including vitamins. Which I haven't taken since way before moving. Gummy Vitamins: I Love You!

I just painted my nails for the first time in years. My hands have been way too shaky to manage it before. They're a bit messy but I think I can clean them up into something presentable!


  1. One thing I do with pedicures is, if the polish ends up a bit messy, the next time I take a shower I make sure that water is pretty warm. When I get out of the shower I can scrape off the polish that got on the skin pretty easily. I'm sure it would work with manicures too.

  2. Sounds like you found some good people who truly want to help you. good luck, hang in there and enjoy the results.

  3. Holy crap, I can't believe no one ever prescribed physical therapy or epidural shots for your back pain. That is heinous. I have three herniated discs in my low back, which was super brutal until I did the PT and shots. Now, it bothers me every couple weeks or so, but that's nothing compared to laid out in agony. Here's to you healing!

  4. Wooooo Hooooo! Three cheers for doctors that actually want to help and heal their patients! I am so happy for you, hun! Truly! I get so angry hearing all of these stories around the 'sphere about jerk-MDs. It's unacceptable and we need to tell them so! Can't wait to hear more good stories. Don't fret the physical therapy, they are some of the coolest people around. They've seen it all and they treat people well, I think.

  5. Hope the pills won't make you narcoleptic. :P
    Physical therapist are always hot (not always young), male or female... What's up with that?!
    And you should never feel embarrassed about being weak. I have defined arm muscles, looking good, but my arms are freaking weak!!! Like, no opening jars with these weak suckers... :P
    Not to mention what I go thru if I try to do a push up.