Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A couple of friends invited me out to go drinking. As always, my reply was, “I would so love to but I'm broke at the moment. Sorry!”

They would have none of it. They claimed it would be my liquid welcome to Auburn and refused to take no for an answer.

I seem to be distracted by shiny things.

We went to a couple of bars and heard some amazing live music. Their friends are ridiculously nice. And I drank Screwdrivers. After the first one, I told the bartender, “Honey, you need to be more heavy-handed with the screw!” By the end? Almost pure vodka. It never hurts to ask!

I had so much fun. I was social! And I wore makeup; it was madness.

Another friend has offered to give me weekly massages to help my back. The first time he spent over two hours and left bruises. Yesterday was #2. I spent 45 minutes screaming into my mattress. And not in the good way, either! He is cruel and unrelenting. But after he left, I was able to stand up straight and to also touch my toes without shrieking in pain. Miracle.

My Medicare deductible is $160 so I can't see the pain specialist until I can come up with that. And since my Wells Fargo advances have caught up to me and left me seriously fucked, that probably won't be until I receive my tax return. But at least the massages are helping! A whole lot. It was hard to let him do it. To drive 45 minutes just to work on my back and not be able to give him anything in return. I fought him on it a lot. But he insisted. And I'm trying to get better at accepting kindness from people. And, shit, I need this.

Due to someone not informing he was infected until after the fact, I had to deal with finding free STI testing. Nowhere tests for herpes, I swear to god. I ended up having to find a doctor and getting it done that way. Then I hit the public health department to get the rest of the tests done. Herpes negative! I mean, I was pretty certain I would be since we had sex once and it was protected but still. The other results will come back in a week or so. Though I'm not stressing much since I was tested over the summer, have had minimal risky contact with people, and have been protected at all times. But it's nice to start the year off fresh.

Speaking of sex, I'm really interested in getting an IUD. I'm looking into low-income programs so we'll see how that pans out.

No internet for awhile so updates will be scarce. But I might have to have a sale soon. Some shirts, jewelry, plushes from My Paper Crane... I have to be merciless!

I've finally completely cleaned and organized my bedroom. I even made the bed. And my closet is in rainbow order. Good stuff.


  1. Why get tested for herpes if you have no symptoms? This is why health care pros and insurance don't like to pay for the test. It's non-actionable data. So you have the virus and no symptoms, so? And don't say, "I could give it to someone else." No, you can't. If you don't have outbreaks, then you don't have shedding, and you can't pass it on. It's people who have symptoms and don't recognize the symptoms who pass it on.

  2. I am going to remember your screwdriver line for the next time I go out boozing!

  3. I wouldn't have turned down that offer for free drinks either! :) I hope the massages keep helping your back to get better!

  4. Glad to hear you're clear of STIs, and that there have been some good stuff happening for you. :)

  5. Dude, no. Herpes can definitely be passed on even sans symptoms and can do all kinds of shit to you if left untreated. Definitely get tested when you can.

  6. You look so healthy! You look like the move has been really good for you, you're kinda glowing, and your eyes are clearer, much less depression-hazy.

  7. If you're looking into IUDs you should totally check out the LJ community IUD Divas if you haven't already. TONS of information, and many people who have gotten IUDs at young ages, never having had children. (Some docs don't like to give 'em to women without kids, due to outdated information, so it definitely helps to know your stuff going into the appointment.)