Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011: The Beginning

I've made a new friend and when he found out I had no plans for New Year's Eve, he asked me to join him, his roommates, and a few friends at their house. I declined because I was overdrawn and my gas tank was below the E. So they decided to come get me. It was so considerate and sweet.

He warned me ahead of time that they were all geeks. Yeah. Geekiest geeks that ever geeked. You don't know geek until you witness an eternities-long argument over the best game console controllers. On the plus side, I love geeks so, hey, everyone wins.

I got drunk but not sick and was kissed at midnight. And many times after! One of his roommates and I ended up, ummmm, getting “friendly.” God damn he's a good kisser. He wants to come see me next weekend and dirty is already on the agenda.

So, speaking of dirty... Um. Holy shit.

The editor of Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape put out a call for submissions to participate in a three-month long workshop on sexuality. It's based on and will be used in the publishing of a book she's written on sexual empowerment. I decided to apply even though I knew there would be no way I hell I'd be chosen. Only 12 women were selected.


I was one of them.

Completely stunned.

2011: you're kicking some ass already!



  2. You know if you actually get published that any of your backgroundrelevant to your writing will eventually be verified?

  3. Great way to start off the year....Enjoy it all!

  4. Thanks!!

    And, uh, then I suppose it's a good thing I've never lied about anything in here.

  5. Congratsss!! 2011 is gonna be sweet!!

  6. zippy, you were already an ass about Heidi's cats, have you nothing better to do than stalk her and make these sorts of comments?

    Excellent news, Miss Sugar :D

  7. Hello! I commented a while back and I thought I'd mention, that the blooper painting you liked is for sale on Ebay:

    Happy new year!