Friday, December 10, 2010


Tuesday was my birthday. Egads. 32. Bummer. I mean, I don't feel sad because I think 32 is old – I know it isn't. I guess I feel sad because I'm 32 and have accomplished...well...nothing, really.

But! Awesomeness occurred! One of my amazing friends is sending me a heating pad, which should really help my back. Another wonderful friend got me...sob...a ticket to see Doug Stanhope. Doug FUCKING Stanhope. He's performing for one night in Alabama and says it's going to be his last time doing so. And I'm going!!! Oh my god, I'm ecstatic. My beloved Sonya sent me a gorgeous houndstooth wool coat. My very first coat! Thank god, as it is freezing here. Relatively speaking, of course.

Went and got my prescriptions filled at Costco. Huzzah! Inexpensive pills! The medications were cheap enough that I could get the Wellbutrin which I was put on to counteract the destruction Celexa caused to my sex drive/ability to orgasm. And, god knows, being able to orgasm is one hell of a mood enhancer. So I was able to get everything except Seroquel, as it's $300+, even there. However! I decided to go out on a limb and call my Psychiatrist's office. The office staff all know me so I explained my situation and asked if she'd be able/willing to mail me more samples. To my complete shock, she was.

Also, three of my medications have patient assistance programs. Including the Seroquel. So I'll be applying for those. And Medicaid and a prescription program once I get my Medicare information. Wheels are in motion!

I had an After Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with Tia and her husband. She made tons of yummy food and we watched Harry Potter movies all night. Good stuff. My roommate is coming home early so she can give me my first real Christmas. I'm not allowed to come out of my bedroom until she gives me permission – what with Santa visiting, and all! (I'm way giddier about this than any 32 year old woman should be!)

I met a new friend. She's way rad and we get along well. But APPARENTLY? When I speak, the last word of every sentence has a raised INFLECTION. So everything I SAY? Sounds really EXCITING. And, like, oh my GAWD. I'm a total Valley GIRL.

Abby: (She) is RIGHT?? You like, really DO????
Me: Oh god, I sound like Jillian on Family Guy!!!

Went for sushi with another new friend. It wasn't amazing but wasn't bad either. (The food, I mean! The company was awesome.) But seeing people eat sushi with forks? My soul wept. Holiday parties this Saturday and next. I'm trying so hard to be more social. Can you tell!? Frankly, it's terrifying. I'm going to do something scary as hell and wear a dress to one of the parties. I haven't worn a dress in public since I went to prom. And I've never worn a dress in public without tights. And since I don't think I brought any might be time to give it a go. Of course, it being 25F might derail that plan...

Blah blah blah. I'm boring even myself at this point.


  1. Happy Birthday! I have a feeling this will be your best year yet :-)

  2. Wait. Sushi with a fork?? That's sacrilegious!

    Glad you were able to get your meds. That's excellent!

  3. i sound like a valley girl too :)

  4. *cueing up "We Are The Champions"* Heidi, I think you're badass. Seriously, you are a phoenix. You are a talented writer, and the world has a lot to learn from your continuing story. You've accomplished a lot simply having survived in this world, and I think that's a lot to be proud of.

  5. P.S. Happy birthday! Sorry I left that out!

  6. It's just wonderful to read about all your new adventures. You are making new friends and having a good time. That's so awesome. Good news on the drugs refills and the samples too. You are doing very well.

  7. You have done a lot. Surviving your childhood and life so far is an accomplishment. Moving away from everything familiar and dear to start over is a huge deal. You're braver than you think you are. Happy belated birthday, and many more, each more accomplished than the last.