Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There’s a 24-hour Wal-Mart in my town. Next to it? 24-hour Sonic. 3am tots! Alright, who am I kidding? I’m old and pass out at, like, 10pm. But in THEORY! 3am tots!

I don’t talk about sex much here but I do have to share the fact that I’ve acquired a new friend with benefits. I totally acquired him my second night in town! Okay, okay, I’m not that good…we talked for a couple of weeks beforehand. Anyway, I mention it because, with my clean slate, I’m going to be more demanding of the good stuff. And that includes sexual pleasure. It’s pretty awesome to have someone who actually gives a shit about getting me off. It’s like a goddamn miracle! Especially compared to some of the selfish dudes I’ve hooked up with in the past. I was positive that my dating/sex life would completely dry up once I moved but that doesn't seem to be the case. Which is pretty awesome. Plus, hell, orgasms are always happy making.

My friend, Carlie (whom I’ve known since we were 13) is seriously considering coming out here. My roommate is moving away in May and I’ll be needing a new one. And, as I was, she is seriously sick of Los Angeles and has been wanting to leave for years. So, we'll see.

Me: dude, if you move here, we can spend all our time finding the best weed, sushi, and titty bars in the south!
Carlie: sold! im packing tonight!

Things are actually going well. I know, man, I'm shocked too!

My roommate is really wonderful and she's introducing me to new people. And I've been working on making friends. I went for coffee yesterday with a very cool girl I met through OKCupid and we're planning to go for sushi later this week. Though, honestly, the idea of Alabama sushi kind of frightens me. I'm hoping, with all my might, that there's some sort of deep-fried catfish roll. Unlikely but a girl can dream! Anyway! The desire to hide and isolate is hella strong (as always) but I'm trying super hard to fight it.

The last couple of months and the move itself fucked me pretty hard financially and I'm still recovering from that. This is going to be a very bad month. But I think I'll be okay as of December.

The depression and anxiety are pretty much non-existent. Which hasn't been the case in more years than I care to count. There's a clinic that serves the university and surrounding area so I'm hoping it'll enable me to afford some mental and physical health services. The cost of my prescription meds has been cut in half! High five! Well, not counting my mood stabilizer as that fucker is still over $400 a month. Um, yeah, I'll be going without that until I can find someone to give me samples or some sort of county program. I'm actually planning to call my former psychiatrist's office and seeing if they'll mail me some samples. Hell, can't hurt to ask, right? And/or see if she'll be willing to sign the paperwork acting as my current doctor so I can get some from the drug company itself. And then ship them to me when they arrive.

I'm hoping that, once my finances are more stable, I can see a massage therapist and, possibly, a chiropractor on a regular basis. Because, really, the pain killers help but I'm still in constant pain even with them. And that shit's gotten old. I'm pretty much out of drug options. I've done Oxycontin, Flexeril, Fentanyl, Morphine... The Vicodin is the only thing I've even ever felt. But still with the damn pain. Clearly it's time to try something else. And the one time I did get a massage it actually did help. So, fingers crossed that this is something I can make happen. By coincidence, the FwB has a massage therapist friend who's also a nursing student so I asked him to find out what she'd charge me. And chiropractors are super affordable here but I need to save up for the X-rays first.

Because of the finances I haven't been able to do much exploring but I'm hoping that can change in the next few months. There's an art museum and arboretum and several national parks in and immediately surrounding my little town. Lots of restaraunts, live music, poetry readings, and a roller derby team. Nearby is a Shakespeare theater. Atlanta is only about an hour and a half away and New Orleans is only five. Dollywood and Graceland are both weekend trip close. Frankly, I had no clue how much stuff this town offered until I went to coffee with the aforementioned girl from OKCupid. I moved here expecting nothing but Jesus and football so I am pleasantly surprised!

So, yeah. Heidi + the dirrrrty south = so far, so good!


  1. Do not get your hopes up for catfish sushi. There is none.

  2. Your mention of massage therapist/nursing student reminded me... you could see if there's a massage school nearby or if your friend knows any massage therapy students, as they may be willing to give you a pretty discounted rate. Same thing (or so I've heard) for places like hairdressing/cosmetology schools (for haircuts) and dental hygiene schools (for teeth cleanings) - they are students and professionally supervised but I've heard you can get great discounts there because they are looking for people to "learn" on...

    Emily (colourmestupidx@livejournal)

  3. Re: meds -- Heidi, I've emailed you about this before, but maybe my message got lost in the ether.

    Anyway -- you must must must check out Costco as a source for your meds! I recently lost my insurance and so I have to pay out of pocket for my meds. I'm now getting them through Costco, and am paying a total of $80 a month for 3 different prescriptions (as opposed to $800, which is what CVS tried to charge me).

    My husband is paying less than $25 a month for his prescription -- as opposed to $560, which is what CVS tried to charge.

    Costco delivers your meds via the mail. You just have to have to enter your info here:
    and then have your doctor call in your prescription (or, alternately, you or your doc can fax the prescription).

    Costco membership is $50 a year, but if you're not a member you can still buy stuff from them -- it costs 5% more, though.

    You'll need a credit card, but if you don't have one, I suggest you buy a Mastercard or Visa gift card and use that.

    Costco is, overall, the cheapest source for meds I know. But fyi, Target and Wal-Mart both offer certain prescription meds for $4 per prescription. Check 'em all out. These programs can literally be lifesavers.

    P.S. I'm a huge fan of Costco. In addition to selling lots of great stuff dirt cheap, they're also a politically progressive company. Their employees are well-paid and have benefits -- some of them are even unionized! And their CEO is one of the lowest paid CEOs of a major corporation. Plus, they give lots of $$$ to Democrats.

  4. Oh Heidi! So happy for you. What did you end up doing with the kitties? Teresa

  5. It's so nice to hear how enthused you are. I hope the move continues to be the best thing that has happened to you in a very long time.

  6. TIFFANY, you should be ashamed of yourself. Ru San features no fewer than FOUR catfish rolls. Bless your heart.


  7. Re: drugs. Do you have any insurance? If not, check out these 2 sites: