Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pills, Pills, Glorious Pills!

Oh my god.

Dear Person Who Recommended Costco Pharmacy:

I worship at the altar of you.


Dude. I’m so seriously.

Vicodin (generic)
CVS: $80+
Walmart: $38
Costco: $15

Ambien (generic)
CVS: $40+
Walmart: $34
Costco: $9

Ativan (generic)
CVS: $40+
Walmart: $30+
Costco: $9

And on and on and on. Goddamn amazing. Even with the $50 annual membership, I’m going to save thousands a year. So I’m hoping I can get that set up for next month.

I bought a Crock-Pot for our house. My roommate is doing all the cooking if I do all the dishes. Done and done!

Next week we’re hitting up the dollar and thrift stores to buy holiday decorations! Oh my god, I’m so excited. I’ve never decorated for any holiday and have always wanted to. When I was little I used to fantasize about a clean house that I could have friends over to and that could be decorated for the holidays. And now we’re going to have that. I want lights! And and and a wreath maybe! Next year I’m going to decorate for Halloween. And Valentine’s! I’m just so excited to have a home I don’t have to be ashamed of. A home people can be invited inside of. A home that actually feels like a...home.

Oh my god, it is so damn cold here! In my very California hippie opinion. The internet says it’s currently 45 degrees. I think this is the coldest I’ve ever even experienced! I bought sweats to wear around the house. And my beloved Sonya is going to knit me some hats, mittens, scarves, and socks. Thank god, as my feet and fingers are already numb and it’s only the beginning of November!

New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys are touring together next summer. I’m going to be first row for that bitch. Hand to god.


  1. I believe that you're allowed to use the pharmacy services at Costco even if you're not a member of the warehouse (or it might just be a law here in NJ? Could vary state by state). So you might want to check on that.

  2. Hey don't need a membership to buy your drugs at Costco. According to my insurance company, by law, they have to let you purchase your prescriptions without a membership. I know several co-workers who have bought there w/o a membership just fine. We have an HSA so we have to pay full price on our prescriptions...Costco is MUCH cheaper. :) When you go in, just say you are going to pharmacy. They'll ask you at the counter for your card--just say you aren't a member.

  3. Heidi, since you've never decorated for Christmas, you should totally make one of those paper chains out of red and green construction paper and take off a link every day until Christmas and shit. :) Happy you're doing well!

  4. Heidi,

    I also just saw a news report that says you do NOT need to be a Costco Member to use their pharmacy or buy their alcohol. All you need to do is go to the service desk and ask. I haven't tried to do it yet...but, there it is!

  5. When I was little I used to fantasize about a clean house that I could have friends over to

    Me too. :/

    Obvious advice is obvious; try to go buy Halloween decor NOW, so you'll be ready for next year.

  6. Hello there Heidi,

    Medium-ish time reader (two-ish years), first time commenter.

    This might sound kind of bad, but here goes. I'm also fat, and I also have skin problems, and I also have some psych issues, but I am always always single, and the only people who seem to want to have sex with me are drunk homeless folks. (Who are generally very nice, but I'm not interested.) It seems that your love/sex life is pretty active. I know that you must put more effort out than I do--because, frankly, I'm terrified, so I don't really put myself out there too much. But I'm terrified because I'm fat, have skin problems, and psych issues, and I just can't imagine anyone actually being attracted to me. So, I guess my question is two-fold: 1) How do you actually psych yourself up to put forth any effort in this arena? 2) What kind of efforts are they that they seem to end up pretty successful?

    Any advice or even just a description of what you do would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, and keep on keeping on, crazy dreamer.

  7. Awesome news about the Costco meds! And I'm so happy for you, girl. It's so great you are loving your new home. (And I agree with dial-zero. Paper chain! That made me totally nostalgic.)

  8. I have to chime in too and say that you don't have to be a member of Costco to get your prescriptions there. That's terrific that you are able to save so much!

    I'm really excited for you that you get to decorate for the holidays :-)

  9. I would also HIGHLY recommend, they're a bit cheaper than costco and amazing people. Totally legit and awesome customer service with fast, cheap shipping. Their price on my antidepressant without insurance was actually cheaper than CVS with my insurance.

  10. More reasons to love Alabama?

    Haha, amazing.

  11. You don't have to be a member to use the pharmacy! But since you are, they do offer a discount program if you don't have insurance. Ask them about it next time. It's only a fraction of a discount (50 cents or a dollar) but hey, every little bit helps, right? We relied on Costco pharmacy for a few years and now we use Target for a lot of things, too.

    Glad to hear that things are going well for you. Yay the south!