Friday, October 8, 2010

Ugh. Okay. You know I wouldn’t do this if I wasn’t in a bad situation. A very bad situation.

God, I hate this. I hate this more than I can express. But I’m out of shit to sell so asking for help is my only real option right now.

If there’s any possible way you can spare/lend me a few dollars, I would be more appreciative than I could ever put into words.

I don’t really know what I could do for you in return. A horrible Sharpie drawing of anything you’d like! Ummmmm…anything else you can think of that I can do for you on the cheap!

This is really awful and embarrassing.

My PayPal address is thesugarmonster AT

I’m sorry.

P.S. I’m out of California! Staying in Phoenix with Shana and hoping to meet a couple of more people before leaving. It’s awesome and wonderful and exciting. Lots of pictures already!


  1. Done .. well it's not much but it's all I had in my PayPal account .. should buy you lunch one day at the very least!

    Really HUGE good luck with the move - very proud and excited for you and can't wait to hear about all the great things that will come!

  2. I hate to complain when who knows when you will at a computer next, but your tip jar is broken.

  3. I so wish I could help, but I am in EXACTLY the same situation. Tonight I had exactly enough money to get a printer cartridge refilled so that I could print materials for a class I'm teaching. I came home after getting the ink, checked my checking balance, and it overdrafted, because I had forgotten I had to leave $10.00 in the account to maintain it. I had to walk back to Walgreens and beg them to take my ink cartridge BACK. I felt like an absolute fucking IDIOT. I HATE THIS. I hate not even having $13.00 -- thirteen freakin' dollars! -- to get ONE tiny basic need met. Nevermind other needs, like, say, groceries, of which I have zero.

    So -- I hear you very very much, and I hope things get better for both of us. xoxo

  4. Hi, hope you are OK.... keep us posted on your travel/adventure when you can...

  5. If I wasn't so poor I would too! When I have ze money I will send money for ze sushi!

  6. If I wasn't so poor I would. When I have money I will send for sushi!

  7. i donated a little... and in return i'd like a super long ass incredibly detailed entry about your journey WITH PHOTOS! i demand it. ok, thanks.