Friday, September 10, 2010

I was talking to Keila about the move to Alabama and how absolutely surreal it still is. And, I realized, that’s why I’m struggling so much with getting anything done surrounding it. It doesn’t seem real at all. I’m filling my car with my shit and moving to the south. What the hell!? If you’d told me last summer, I’d never in a million years believed this was going to happen.

Do you ever forget how old you are? I often think I’m still in my mid-20s yet I’m going to be 32 in December. 32! Ack. The aging thing really wouldn’t bother me so much if I felt more accomplished. Or accomplished at all, really. Well…I own my car. That’s something, right?

So my meds + inability to watch internet porn = orgasms being few and far between. Ugh. Though my meds also drastically lower my sex drive so it’s not as horrific as it could be! Always looking for that bright side! Also, food just isn’t appealing. Nothing sounds good or tastes that great. Even my most favorite foods just sound…bleh. Sex and food?! Next is oxygen and kitty bellies.

I got all my hair chopped off! That was exciting. It had been…four months? Five? Somewhere around there. She asked how short I wanted to go and I told to just give me my beloved a-line bob, shave the back, and cut off all the damaged shit. So, yay! The longest pieces reach my chin if pulled taut.

I have the thrift store coming again next week. Slowly chipping away at that fucking mountain.

None of this was really exciting enough to warrant an update. Alas.

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