Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Mom’s incision won’t heal. The one from fucking December. Now it’s split open and her insides are falling out. So, back to the hospital she goes. And this time they’re keeping her until she’s fully healed. Which could be months. But she looks good and feels well, for the most part. And the latter is all I care about. I just want my mommy to be okay, you know?

To answer a question, yes she was approved for Medicare but, because the hospital completely fucked up and never applied for her, it doesn’t retroact back far enough to cover her stay. Bah.


  1. Medicare? or Medi-cal? You can ask for Retro Medi-Cal for up to three months prior to the application date... even after you have been granted... you can request retro at any time.

    Let me know if you have questions

  2. I thought I had tried to post a comment that you are not responsible for her debts...hope she gets good care back at the hospital. My mom had trouble healing from a hernia surgery during her illnesses too....thinner skin with healing ability.