Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I’m doing fairly well at getting rid of books! If I do say so myself. I just keep reminding myself to breathe and keep repeating, “If you have to, you can always buy them again. You can always buy them again. You can always buy them again…” You go, Heidi!

That’s the way I part with everything I struggle to let go of: If you really miss it that badly, Heidi, you have permission to buy it again in the future. Which, of course, never happens.

I went to see my therapist. I haven’t seen him in over two months. It was beyond time to pay a visit. It turns out it was our four year anniversary! Do you know what I love about him? My sessions are filled with us laughing our asses off.

We talked a lot about remembering people as being better than they actually were. He says it’ll pass…I’m just not allowed to massage or feed it.

As he said, “Euphoric recall is a motherfucker.”

God, I love that man.


  1. Gee, Heidi, if you have so many books, why don't you get rid of them? :)

  2. When you say "getting rid of," what exactly does that entail? Are you selling them? Because I'd be all over buying some of them from you...

  3. aaargh i hate purging books; good luck.

  4. I hate purging books. I wouldn't have many at all if it weren't for my sister who sent me over 50 books when she moved. I lost everything recently. Well, I have my dog, my computer, kids... 'Bout it. So I had to let go all at once. I understand completely.