Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Junkie

Waiting to hear back about my cats. Fingers crossed.

Visited Mama in the hospital. Her wound is so bad that it made an infectious diseases doctor flinch and step back. Mwahahahahaha. She was so proud. Do you see why I’m so sick and demented, people!

$230 to get my wireless turned back on. Fuck that noise! As much as I miss it…library here I come. It’s going to be such a pain in the ass trying to sell shit online with no internet at home. Yargh. I thought I’d just use dial-up. Only to discover that my laptop doesn’t have a telephone cord outlet! What the hell!? Oh well, I’ll make it happen somehow.

My books take up 34 boxes. Good god. I’m going through them all and trying to get rid of as many as I can but, shit, it’s hard!! I grow really attached to books and find it difficult to part with them. Anything else I can let go of if need be. But there’s just something about books… And, in my defense, several years ago I went on a huge book purge and donated, literally, thousands of books to the library. So at least I’m better off than I was then! I’m trying to be strong though, I promise!


  1. Why don't you have a book sale on the website? No pics, just list the book titles w/ a letter to describe condition. You'll get a little cheddar back and the books will go to people who love books and support you :)

  2. Is there anything like Bookmans in your area? I sold a bunch of old Nancy Drew books to them and got $30 last summer before moving, and it's nice knowing they got sold to someone who will also cherish them.

  3. I'm that way about books, too. Just tell yourself: I can always buy it again if I miss it too much. And it's true; even old stuff is always on and eBay. Got rid of about 3/4 of my book collection when we moved three years ago. After that, I began only taking books out from the library; if I loved a book inordinately, I could buy it. Also, our library has a cart with $1 used books (fundraiser) and I stock up there, for cheap.

  4. the good thing about libraries is that you can often read the very books you are wanting to keep. I understand that you want to hang on to some of your own things but it may be at the point of no return and you have to give up on the possessions in order to have a place to live. Good luck to you and to your Mom....

  5. you need someone to take books off yr hands, let me know... and you can have visitation rights!

  6. I made like $400 on amazon last month selling books. You should try that.


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