Sunday, March 7, 2010

Abilify = Love

The mood stabilizers are getting back into my system and are helping a lot. I’m having stomach problems and can’t stop yawning/napping. But! No constant thoughts of suicide, no hours of hysterical crying, no feelings of utter hopelessness. Thank god for samples. I love you Abilify, have my babies.

I’m hoping that now I can actually start being productive. Instead of curling in a ball all day sobbing.

Mama’s medical coverage still hasn’t come through so they still refuse to start chemotherapy. Gotta love this system! She’s being really well taken care of and really likes all of the staff at the facility. It just makes me feel so much calmer knowing she’s cared for. I just want my mama safe, you know?

Tomorrow is a fresh start. And hopefully something comes from it.


  1. It's getting better all the time. hoping for a speedy push for your mom's medical to come through. (((((((((((HUGS))))))))

  2. Heidi, that really sucks about the medical insurance for your mom. Does she have a doctor that can start her on "samples" like you? My mom didn't have insurance when she was diagnosed with brain cancer and the social workers at the oncologist's office knew how to hook her up (literally) before all her medical stuff went through. Just a thought....glad you're feeling better!!

    - Shannon

  3. It's good to hear you feeling hopeful and optimistic. And so glad that your mother likes where she is and is being taken care of very well. I hope the medical coverage stuff gets sorted out soon.

  4. oh no, my comment didn't appear. I hope you continue to feel more optimistic. And I am glad that your mother likes where she is. Sure hope the medical issues for both of you are fixed soon.