Friday, February 5, 2010

A Long Day

Today was a long and shitty day. It started with a 9am gynecologist appointment. Which is just never fun. Then I had to take a bunch of stuff to the Medi-Cal office for my mom. Oh my god. It’s the same office as the welfare and food stamps departments. The same office I almost had a panic attack in the last time I was there. It was just as bad as I remembered and anticipated. I had to keep running and hiding in the bathroom to get a break from the 8,000 shrieking children. But it’s done! Woo! I actually managed to accomplish something! High five!

I’m three days behind on my 365 in 365 photo project. Blast! I’m going to try to get caught up tomorrow when there’s some sunshine. Though, I swear, I’ve run out of shit to take pictures of.

It’s gray and rainy. Happy-making.


  1. How about 365 days of Pure Heidi?

    I'm glad your day was productive despite the shitfuckery.

  2. Take it one day at a time. As for about taking a picture of things you love in your home...your cats, your clothes and accessories, your can do it.

  3. Hope you're okay... Looking forward to seeing your posts again. Hang in there, people are thinking of you!

  4. I've missed you. Yes, I lurk. Rarely comment. But you are missed. Oh, and pics? Take one favorite item a day. Can be a bead, dammit. :-)