Friday, January 29, 2010

Pros & Cons

Reasons Moving in with my Former English Teacher Might be a Damn Good Idea
• They have a beautiful, clean, organized home that I used to fantasize about living in when I babysat her kids.

• She and her husband really care about me and want to help. And they wouldn’t have offered if they didn’t mean it.

• I wouldn’t be alone. I couldn’t hide and isolate like I have been.

• I’d be held accountable for my actions and inactions.

• I’d have to get out of bed, shower, get dressed, and function like an actual human being.

• I’d eat healthy because they eat healthy. They also have an exercise room.

• She was the first person who ever believed in me. Who told me to become a writer. Who said I was capable of anything. And she still thinks those things.

• I’d have time to save some money and find a place to live that I loved…not just taking the first place that I was approved for.

• I’d be accepting help. Big time. Something I need to practice.

Reasons Moving in with my Former English Teacher Might be a Damn Bad Idea
• I have two indoor cats and they have two dogs. I have no idea how to resolve this.

• I’ve never lived with anyone before. What if I’m a nightmare!?

• The feeling of vulnerability is absolutely terrifying.


  1. This sounds like such a wonderful opportunity for you, Heidi. I think you should do it! I don't know how the dog/cat situation would be overcome though. Are they the kind of dogs that get along with cats? If so, it might be a non-issue. I would talk to your former teacher about that; I bet she has some ideas.

  2. COOL! Good people (like you!) are hard to come by, so dive in with both feet!! :)

  3. I hope you try to work this out. I think it's a wonderful and rare (in the world) opportunity. Look at all those pros!!!!!

    And just so you don't feel alone or weird about it, my bestie actually stayed for a year (I think) with a woman who was a mom from the preschool that my friend worked at, in exchange for babysitting! I think it was really humbling but at the same time such a great opportunity for my pal to re-collect and save some money!

  4. Or have the cats in your room at their place? The cats probably wouldn't mind being sequestered in one room...

  5. It sounds like there are so many more reasons why doing it would be a great idea... I say go for it.

  6. Definitely go for it! :-)

  7. the cats would either get used to the dogs or the dogs would (eventually after being beaten up enough) leave the cats alone.

    i'm sure you'd be fine to live with.

  8. i think the pros far outweigh the cons...

  9. Sounds like an awesome opportunity, Heidi! Maybe you can get one of your other friends to do some cat-sitting if it doesn't work out that you can keep the kitties with you.

    And have fun in Oregon!

  10. I think it sounds like a great idea, and you shold go for it! As for the cat/dog problem, there are a bunch of websites (because teh intarnets is king) saying they can usually get along if introduced slowly and under supervision.

  11. I would be inclined more to keep the cats in your room--they probably won't mind and it will head off any potential problems. (Think of it this way, if you had a studio apartment they would be basically living in one room anyway.) But even if the animals all roam the house together, as others said, I think they can probably be introduced in a way that isn't a big deal. If so, it could actually be an advantage down the road as your cats may have an easier time with other animals so if you introduce another pet or something, it may be less stressful for them.

    That is a great list of pros. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you and this is something they really want to do for you. A win for everyone.