Friday, January 8, 2010


I got bored and roasted asparagus at 1:00am. It was pretty good. No roasted Brussels sprouts but still tasty. I’ve always been afraid of cooking so this whole roasting vegetables thing is a nice way to start. Especially because it all has ended up tasting amazing! I think today I’ll roast Brussels sprouts and make quinoa and mix their fabulousness together. Mmmmmm.

So then I started watching AbFab and ended up staying up all night.

Today I visited Mama!! The place doesn’t look like much but the staff is really kind and attentive and everything is very clean.

“How long will you be here?”

“Oh, I’m probably going to die here.”

“Jesus Christ, woman!”


That’s my mama!

Awesome, awesome, awesome news: She’s going to be getting Medi-Cal! Meaning she won’t have to pay for the hospital and doctor bills. Nor will she have to pay for her stay in the nursing home. Thank god. I put my head down on my steering wheel and burst into tears after leaving. The relief was palpable.

She says they’re really nice to her and are much more compassionate and helpful than the hospital nurses, aides, and doctors ever were.

I asked her to write something for me. I didn’t tell her what and I didn’t tell her why. So she wrote what she says the most to me.


I don’t want to forget her writing. And I want it tattooed on me one day.

She looks and sounds so good, you guys. And she’s no longer stressing over and scared about paying the bills she’s racking up in order to stay alive. She should be starting chemotherapy soon but it depends on how physical therapy goes, I think.

Reading: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk - "You are going to tell me your story like you just did. Write it all down. Tell that story over and over. Tell me your sad-assed story all night. ... When you understand...that what you're telling is just a story. It isn't happening anymore. When you realize the story you're telling is just words, when you can just crumble it up and throw your past in the trashcan, then we'll figure out who you're going to be."

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