Monday, January 18, 2010

In the middle of the night (hello, insomnia) I ended up IMing with a guy from high school who I haven’t talked to since I was 18. I think we’re going to some horrible all-class party next month. It’s like a reunion but with even more douchebags! I have zero interest but he wants closure and asked me to go too so I said yes…as long as we could get drunk in the car beforehand. He’s down.

Anyone know where you can get free ringtones online? I used to know of a few places but have forgotten them all.

I made a huge pot of more quinoa with shrimp and baby corn. Yum. Next I think will be quinoa mixed with grilled chicken and whatever other canned vegetable I can scrounge up. I’ve also decided to try to give up soda. Oh lord…that’s a tough one. I’m scared, hold me!


  1. Phonezoo.

    Or, depending on what type of phone you have, you might be able to use bitpim (google it) to make your own.

  2. it's where I picked up all my wallpapers, and my Zelda/Mario Brothers etc ring tones. :)

  3. Seconding Phonezoo.

    ALSO SELTZER. If it's the carbonation you like drink tons of seltzer. In fact, make your own damn soda - put juice in seltzer.


    Also, good luck with the soda thing... I keep telling myself I'm going to stop drinking it but that hasn't happened. Argh!

    I thought I hated plain club soda (something about the bubbles without any flavor was weird to me) for a long time but I drank a can recently and it was good! I'm thinking about picking up a 12-pack so I can bring a can to school/work sometimes instead of being tempted by the delicious, delicious vending machine chemicals.

    ALSO also, how do you like quinoa? I am a little bit afraid of it.

  5. Soda is SO hard but it can be done. Try going at it slow because that is what helped instead of all at once. That blew up in my face. I started off at 2 servings a day and then about 1 month later went to one and then 2 months later I am off. I mean have one every now and then but it's not as much as I was drinking. The thing is to make sure you have ALOT of other options. Tea, WATER, juice are biggies for me. Those instant drink sticks are awesome too if you want something tasty.

  6. Oh god Heidi you should get into risotto! It's freaking AWESOME and there are so many variations - like smoked chicken breast, mushrooms and pumpkin (ohhhhhh yeah) or green curry and prawn/shrimp. It's freaking awesome.

    I'm scared of quinoa.

  7. For most phones, you can change the format of mp3s you already have and put them directly on your phone from your computer. Sometimes you have to do a lot of workarounds because obviously the phone companies want to make more money off of you, but google your type of phone and find a forum for people that have it, or just a blog post about it.

  8. I'm curious who you're talking about.