Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here’s my belly and a story on The Tummy Project. You should submit your own tummy! I promise it’s not as scary to do as it seems. It’s just your tummy…maybe s/he’d like some positive attention!

Since ya’ll are geniuses, I need some help. For some reason, the stereo in my car won’t play CDs I burn on my laptop. It plays MP3s and totally plays CDs burned on other computers. It’s driving me insane and I need to solve this because I have no music to listen to when I drive (because I can’t find my CD case amidst the rubble) and it’s maddening. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

ETA: Well, I downloaded Cheetah and the burned CDs I create in it now play in my car. But I only have a 15 day free trial. Any suggestions for a free CD burning program?

Before (1/1/10):

After (1/3/10):

It’s only a bathroom counter but it’s a start.

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