Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hang with Shelly - Check!


At 55th and Broadway in South Central Los Angeles.

The NOLOSE: Fat Panic! conference is being held in Oakland, California this year. I have until June to save up! I can make this happen! Possibly! Okay, I’ll try my best, no promises. But I really want to go so I hope I can.

I was asked to pose nude for an artist. Long distance so he needed pictures and asked if I’d be open to pose suggestions. I immediately thought, possible pervert looking for stroke material! Until he sent me this link as to how he wanted me to pose. Pretty sure he's an actual artist looking for an actual pose at this point considering what he's using for his frame of reference. I’m pretty excited, actually. Shy and nervous but excited to see how it comes out. I'm always fascinated by how others see me. Especially since I don't always see myself in the most positive light.

Today Shelly and I met up to discuss a business venture. And gossip and laugh and eat cheap Chinese food. One of the kids we used to work with hung out with us too. It was so much fun. I’ve missed her. And him! He got all tall and his voice dropped and he’s dating! It’s madness!

Like most teenagers, he hates being photographed. So, what usually works for me with anti-photo people is to say, “Well…if you won’t let me take a picture of you, can I take a picture with you?” They totally cave at that.

I want to learn to cook. I’ve always been really afraid of it; I don’t know why. So. You should help me by commenting with your favorite, semi-easy, recipe(s)!! The only food I dislike is onions. So if you can manage to avoid those, gimme anything you got!

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