Monday, January 11, 2010

The Fat Nutritionist


Paint splattered pants and happy cloud shoes from my beloved Em & Sprout.

I’m not doing too badly – I’ve taken all my medication and my vitamins every day since before the beginning of the year. Go me! God damn do those gummy vitamins help!

I’ve also managed to cross a couple of things off my goal list already so that’s pretty exciting. And and and my 101 in 1001 list.

Speaking of my 2010 goals. You know how the biggest one is to get my eating in a healthy and sane place? Well…

I got a message from The Fat Nutritionist, this amazing woman who teaches nutrition and healthy eating with a focus on HAES (Health at Every Size) as well as healing from eating disorders and diet histories.

She read my entry and wants to treat me at no cost.

I cried like a baby. Hell, I’m crying now just thinking about it! I’m scared and nervous and excited and thrilled all at once. I don’t ever understand why people are so kind to me; why people are so generous with their love and support. But I’m trying so hard to not run from the opportunities offered to me.

And she’s offering me something truly incredible: the possibility of having a healthy, sane, and beautiful relationship with food, exercise, and my body as a whole.

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