Sunday, January 3, 2010


not to sounds creepy, but i loved your before and after wls photos. i honestly have never seen a naked body that size, so i found it incredibly interesting. i love these reminders that the naked bodies we see in movies and porn are not the norm, and i need to re-train my eyes and brain. that said, would you be willing to do another show and tell for us creepy followers of your blog? i believe you did the first one at the 1 year mark, and the 2 year mark just passed, so the timing is good.

I've been thinking about this question for awhile. My initial response was, no, I just can't do it again due to all the trolls and hate. But now I've changed my mind. Yes. I will. I'll work on finding a place to set up my camera tomorrow and hopefully have an update entry by the end of the week. With weight, measurements, and all that jazz.

Knowing that seeing my body actually does have an impact on people really amazes me.

Also? Fuck the haters; fuck the trolls; and fuck shame. This body is mine and I've spent an entire lifetime hiding it. No more.

So prepare yourselves, haters and trolls! More ammunition is coming your way!!

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