Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aaaand Fucked

Oh god. I’m so fucked. You know how I said I didn’t really have access to my mom’s bank accounts until the other day? Well it turns out our landlord never deposited December’s rent check. Until yesterday. He completely wiped out the account. And I haven’t even paid January’s rent yet.

I was so sure I could get caught up this month and now I’m even further behind. Obviously I’m going to start paying with money orders from now on. But, holy shit. I told him I’d be sending him $1,100 today and, if I clear out all the accounts, I barely have half that. And then it’ll happen again next month. And the next.

I have to let my health insurance lapse and hope to god I qualify for Medi-Cal and can get approved quickly. Because that’s $350 I really can’t afford right now. Even if I do let it lapse, I’m still $600 short for this months rent. Amd it’s almost February. I am so fucked on so many levels.

Anyone have $600 to lend me for a few months!? I’m kidding. Don’t.

The planning meeting for my mom is tomorrow. At least then I’ll have a better idea of what’s going to happen and how I should expect things to go.

I’m going to go visit her now. I’m not going to tell her what’s happening. It’s best she not know what a complete fuck up I am. Oy.


  1. Crapola. You need to speak with the Landlord - as lovely and helpful as he is being, doing things like that isn't going to help much if he doesn't let you know.

    Keep that chin of yours up hun .. something amazing is gonna happen soon - I can feel it.


  2. Don't think you are a fuck up at all. I lost my Dad to cancer a year or so ago and it was such a difficult thing to go through without having additional money worries on top.

  3. Do you have books you can sell? I know you love books. I love books as well. But I'm finding lots and lots of money in selling them. I've also dusted off my library card. I made $125 today on bookturtle.com... Just an idea to help the scraping by.

    Also - I sent your books today. Yay! :)

  4. You and me gotta find a way to make our quirky wits and amazing writing styles pay the bills. Seriously. I'm thinking hard and you should be, too.

  5. Well, it is time for a Sales Post, so that will help once you have it up and going. Most of us have all been there where we're wondering where our next pack of ramen will come from. It'll get better, Sweetie.

    More (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))

  6. If we just substituted proper nouns from my life in place of the proper nouns in your life, I could have written this same journal entry. I have no answers whatsoever, only that you're not alone, sweetie. :) xoxo

  7. My landlord used to do that all the time - at one point I think he had THREE months worth of rent checks that he hadn't cashed. So I started paying my rent with a money order. Once I buy the money order, the cash is out of my hands and it doesn't matter when he deposits it.

    I know it's too late for this particular situation, but it might help in the future.

  8. Oh. Haha. Clearly I didn't read what you said about paying with money orders. Oh, well! Carry on!